What is this website about?

Brought to you by The Generous Giving Project

You can use this mock-up website  by copying and pasting content onto your own site, or simply as a place to come to for inspiration and ideas.

This content is a compilation/adaptation of the best of parish websites we’ve found already on the internet.

So it’s currently under construction, because content is added/adapted every day.

You’ll find Bible passages, useful links to online giving tools, quotes/heading ideas, explanations of why generosity is important, ideas of how to show the impact of a person’s contribution, and links to related blogs which expand on these subjects. Just click on the red guides to see the alternative and reasoning behind it.

It’s a one-stop shop to help you create your own page on generous giving.


Because “Digital Giving” is really important for us to get our heads around if we’re going to connect with younger generations and move with the times. We can’t afford (pun intended) to ignore the fact that people use the Internet for inspiration. Using online tools to give is a normal, easy and efficient thing to do for many people, so as a church, it’s important that we consider making these tools available, so we can continue to be a relevant and accessible in the 21st century. Also, websites are a great place to offer personal discipleship support, helping your congregation and the wider parish to consider why Christians give. They can also answer these common questions:

  • What’s the point of giving?
  • Which ways can I give?
  • Who do I talk to about it?
  • What are the needs of the church and my local area?
  • How do I contribute my time, resources and money?
  • What difference would my giving make?

Look at the top menu bar. You’ll see the kind of headings any church website would have, like “Our Church”, and “Worship Here”. Generosity stuff is grouped together under the heading “Join In”, which I think is the best place for it.

You’ll see “Giving” and “Time, Skills and other resources” alongside other things in the drop-down menu like Study Groups, Work With the Homeless, and Praying. Change/add to these to suit your context, but as a minimum we think parish websites need to at least have Giving, and Time, Skills and other resources.

I haven’t populated all the other headings as this isn’t a real parish website. 


I haven’t used the word “stewardship” because after much consultation, I’ve come to the conclusion that this term isn’t always very helpful to non-Christians, young Christians or new Christians, and it might be wrongly perceived as having too narrow a definition; finances. The term “Generous Giving” does what it says on the tin and seems to make more sense to the generation of people most likely to be accessing your website.

So there you have it. Now you can get started. Don’t forget to click the red guides

Welcome to your guide to getting your generosity message online.

Please browse.

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